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The All Risk cancellation policy including Covid-19 which will refund you the penalty applied if you can no more depart.

In addition, it guarantees you, once you have traveled, medical expenses incurred, a compensation from convalescence for Covid-19, the interruption of the quarantine stay and the repetition of the period of stay, luggage and guaranteed assistance for all participants in the trip and those who stayed at home
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I have guaranteed the booking cancellation up to the total cost of the stay within the limit per Insured of € 20.000,00 and with the limit of € 50.000,00 per event (i.e. fact that affects one or more people objectively connected by the purchase of the same holiday that must be booked with the same operator)

The Company will indemnify, according to the conditions of this policy, the Insured and 2 travel companions if insured and registered for the same reservation, the cancellation payment (penalty) resulting from the cancellation of the hotel reservation made and the possible cost of the trip, if related and included in the reservation and provided that the relative premium has been paid, determined in accordance with the "Cancellation Policy" provided by the Hotel Contract, which is the consequence of circumstances unpredictable at the time of booking determined by any event not predictable, objectively documentable, independent of the will of the Insured and so serious as to make it impossible for the Insured to stay at the Hotel booked.
The guarantee includes the inability to stay at the Hotel following infection by Covid 19 of the Insured.
In the event of an accident involving several Insured Persons registered for the same holiday, the Company will reimburse all the family members eligible and 2 of the travel companions on the condition that they are also insured.
The guarantee also includes cancellations by the Insured due to terrorist acts occurring after the booking of the accommodation and in the 30 days before the date of arrival at the Hotel, provided that the acts take place within a distance of 100 km from the place where the booking was intended to be made.

The indemnity due to the Insured is equal to the cancellation fee (i.e. the penalty provided for in the contract of accommodation, in case of cancellation of the contract), calculated on the date on which the event occurred, or the occurrence of the circumstances that caused the inability to stay at the hotel.
Any higher cancellation fee, charged by the Hotel as a result of a delay on the part of the Insured Party in reporting the cancellation of the stay at the Hotel will remain charged to the Insured Party.
The indemnities will be subject to deduction of the following amount:
- 20% to be calculated on the penalty applied with a minimum of € 50.00 per claim in cases where the penalty is equal to or greater than 80%;
- 15% to be calculated on the penalty applied with a minimum of € 50.00 per claim for all other cases.
The overdraft will not be applied in cases of death or hospitalization of the Insured Party.
For policies issued after 24 hours from the date of booking the overdraft is equal to 25% for any cause.

The other guarantees start from the moment you check in at the Hotel and are those reported in the summary sheet (link summary sheet) and that you can find in the Information Set (link information set).

The guarantees are only valid following an infection with COVID-19 diagnosed in Italy, after the the insurance cover begins and during the period of hotel stay, provided that the infection leads to subsequent hospitalization.

You will be reimbursed a daily lump-sum allowance for each day of hospitalization at a health care facility arranged as a direct and exclusive consequence of the infection with COVID-19 (so-called Coronavirus) suffered by the Insured, independently of the expenses incurred.

With a hospitalization of the Insured Party for a number of days exceeding 5, he is recognized for each following day of hospitalization (i.e. from the sixth day of hospitalization) an amount equal to € 100.00 (one hundred/00) for a maximum number of days equal to 10 with the maximum sum of € 1,000.00 (one thousand/00)

ART. 6 - OBJECT OF THE INSURANCE: You will be paid a predefined and fixed convalescence indemnity of € 1,500.00 at the time of the Insured Party's discharge from the hospital where he or she was admitted following the COVID-19 infection. This payment is made only if the Insured, during the aforementioned stay, has been admitted to an intensive care unit, as shown in the medical records which must be produced in full at the time of reporting the claim.

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